I’m Curvy and I’m Proud

Fashion mags, don't you just love them? Special or not, they've got to slip a naked shot in there somewhere.

I have struggled with my weight ever since I was a little girl. In the 5th grade, I was a size 16. No one ever bullied me about my weight or anything cruel like that. I was lucky enough to have an amazing group of friends and I never once felt like I was being ridiculed.

Nevertheless, my weight was always a problem for me, and my self-esteem. Especially during my Junior High- High school years. I remember dreading P.E class! I would often pray that school rules would change and they would have separate P.E classes. One for boys and one for girls, because I was so insecure about my body and I didn’t want any of the boys to see me run (well…attempt to run) or anything else. Especially, because I had a crush on a boy that was in my P.E class (oh the memories)

The time I really broke down, was when we had to swim for P.E class. I was dreading having to put on a bathing suite. I begged my mom to write me a note to get me out of swimming. I was balling and telling her that I wasn’t comfortable & like any parent, she tried to reassure me that when I get older I would look back on this day and laugh. Of course she was right, but my pre-teen self was having none of it. I would sit in a bathroom stall in the locker rooms and just cry. Half of the time I would get out of swimming by crying wolf & claim that I wasn’t feeling well. The other half I would have to suck it up and join everybody. I would put on ginormous T-shirts to put over my bathing suite and try to hide behind the group of girls to avoid being seen. It was an awful time for me…but that was then.

At 20 years of age, I can honestly say that I am proud of my curves and that I have nothing to be ashamed of. I will admit, I am skinnier than I have ever been in my life. However; I am by no means skinny. I have curves and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have learned to accept my body & I learned to find what clothes work for me and what does not. I am no longer ashamed to wear a bathing suite in public and I no longer dread going shopping. In fact…I love shopping!

At a young age, we are bread to believe that skinny is beautiful, skinny is healthy. That is not always the case. You have to listen to your body, because everybody is different. Some people have an over active metabolism, like my cousin. She weighs 99 pounds and hates being so skinny. She tries desperately to put on some weight, but that isn’t how her body is built. Everyone has body image issues. Whether you are curvy like me, or skinny like my cousin. Embrace yourself, because you are beautiful.

X-sexy in black and white.


9 thoughts on “I’m Curvy and I’m Proud

  1. It took me a long to be comfortable with my body. I definitely felt the pressure from my high school friends who some how made me feel bad for not eating fast food for every meal and being the “skinny one”. Which is funny because my heritage proves that my curves are natural. It wasn’t until I started getting into shape that I realized that how much I like my curves. If I honestly don’t care. Embracing being you is something every girl should know.

    Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Thanks so much! It really is important that women accept their body. Make healthy food choices to avoid dire health situations and stay active. It shouldn’t be about weight, it should be about living a long healthy life. Women and Men put way too much pressure on physical appearance. I used to eat fast food on a daily basis & it really put my health at risk. As soon as I cut fast food out of my life, I lost some weight. However; I still maintained my curves & I’m healthy at the same time.

  2. Excellent post, girly! It’s so true, we have to focus less on fitting some preconceived size ideal and more on feeling our best. I was reading yesterday about the Plus Model Mag controversy (where the second pic in your post is from) and it shocked me how many people responded to the photos saying that it was an attempt to promote obesity. Not every plus size woman – or any straight-size woman with curves, for that matter – is obese. Being fit isn’t the same as being skinny, just like being skinny isn’t the same as being healthy. We definitely need to readjust our perspectives and be honest with ourselves. And even then, if we still don’t feel like we’re the best we could be it’s all about setting realistic goals for change. (:

    • I agree 1000% I was shocked at the response to the photo as well. I heard that people were upset for the same reason you just stated, but also b/c she was nude & people felt that it was a publicity stunt to shock people and promote nudity. What I took away from the photos were to just be comfortable in your own skin and that bigger can be just as beautiful.

      Besides, it could easily be argued that photos of overly skinny people is promoting anorexia. It’s all about knowing your body and it’s limits. We need to change the way people view body image & I think those photos were an amazing step in that direction.

  3. It really doesn’t matter. Every woman feels insecure about something – weight, height, skin, hair, teeth, nose, whatever. Society and the media doesn’t help matters any, but even if they didn’t focus on it, we would. It’s so easy to make our appearance an idol, the focus of our lives. But, since we all struggle with it, we can all be helped by being honest about our insecurities. We can help one another accept ourselves, warts and all! (Even if those warts are literal.)

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