Well I Say…Keep Calm & Carry On

Well I say we are all creators of our own destiny. We wish, we hope, we pray and we dream. That only get’s us so far though. We have to carry our hopes and our dreams in our heart, because that is the fuel that get’s us to where we are supposed to be. That is the fuel that gives us the strength to take on all the hard work and gives us the perseverance to continue everyday.

You may be wondering where t his is coming from…well, the other day I was feeling down and out. Like I didn’t have a future & that my dreams would never come true. I was fearful of the future and my place in it. Then I realized that I am not the only person with these same fears…these same doubts. So this is for all the self doubters out there. The one’s that feel like giving up and breaking down. The one’s who stare at the future and feel completely and utterly lost.

I want to tell you that I too have your same doubts and fears. I too, know what it’s like to have that voice in your head telling you to just give up and let it go. That voice of self doubt get’s so loud sometimes that it almost drowns out the other voice deep inside of you. The one that whispers quietly in the corner of your mind. The one telling you that you should not throw in the towel. The one telling you that you are worthy and that you can achieve anything you want to.

Hang on to that voice. Don’t let your self doubt drown it out.


One thought on “Well I Say…Keep Calm & Carry On

  1. Very wise words, lady. It’s all about just accepting while withstanding those inner doubts and putting one foot in front of the other. And it’s important to consider one’s blessings…even the tiniest ones are worth taking a moment to be thankful for. I work at one of my city’s prescription drug rehabs so I have seen people at some of their lowest points, but everyone who has hope and the bravery to resist the inner voice that tells them to give up makes it out alive and well.
    Keep up the good fight!

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