Wait….What’s this??

…Oh nothing. Just me! Doing my first blog post in what seems like eons. So much has changed since I moved back to New York & I love every minute of it. While living in Florida, I felt stunted. Things weren’t moving fast enough for me, and everything was a hassle!! I can truly say that I love being back home with friends and family…not to mention this winter has been a blessing. I must say that the only thing I was dreading were the horrific winters I remembered from my childhood, but it seems I brought a piece of Florida back with me haha.

So here is a little update on the in’s and out’s of my life. (Broken up into sections for convenience hehe)

WORK: As you know I recently got a job. I can’t believe it’s only been a month!! I feel like I have been working there for years. It is a great learning experience. On the upside, I love helping customers find that perfect piece that they have been looking for, but has managed to elude them for quite sometimes & I love feeling so useful!

On the downside I have realized how mean spirited and down right malicious people can be! It makes me think “Does high school ever end?!” However; I have handled things pretty nicely & things are looking better in that aspect. Now let’s see if it can stay that way.

PERSONAL: My personal life is looking a lot better as well hehe. I have entered a new relationship that I am really happy with :] The only downside is that it is a long distance one :[ I have known him for about 4 years now, so I guess it makes the long distance thing easier…and hard at the same time. It’ complicated, but it’s working out great so far. Gotta love Skype lol

OTHER: Now for my thoughts hehe. With everything that is going on, I have come to realize that I SUCK at managing money. It’s not too bad, because I don’t have any serious bills, but I feel this is a habit I should nip in the bud early. Luckily I found a website that helps me do this!! It’s called Mint.com and it basically tracks all of your spending and tells you what you need to do to get on track. It has pie charts and everything!! You can even set budgets and goals for yourself and it tells you how much you need to put away for each goal based on your income and spending habits. It truly is great :] On the downside, this site is making me realize that my iPhone purchase will have to wait. It’s more of a want, than a need. What I need is sturdy shoes, because being on my feet all day from work is killing me. I’m thinking a new pair of TOMS is in order…maybe two :] Whatever the case, I am definitely getting these Burlap Women’s Bimini Stitchouts How effing adorable are these!?!?!

 Ohhh…before I leave you to enjoy your day, here is the soundtrack I listened to while writing this post :] ENJOY!!!


Ladies got something to say. from toomuchcoffee on 8tracks.


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