Skin Care tips for the stressed and desperate!

Hello Readers!

I thought I might take a minute to share some of my skin care tips with you guys today. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that stress can take a major toll on your face. I have been extra stressed as of late, with my impending departure from my family in just 8 days time & the knowledge that I have yet to even buy a single thing for my dorm room! Not to mention my books (I would like you all to know that I am the QUEEN of procrastination)

All of this has caused me to break out more than usual. I wont lie, I have pretty good genes & have never had a big problem with my skin. However; I am a firm believer that good skin is all about good genes, a good skin care regimen  & a good diet. For today I will share my skin care regimen & the products I have come to adore.

First things first! Face wash. I don’t like to use harsh products on my face, so I use Simple. A skin care line that has no harsh irritants, dyes or artificial perfumes that upset the skin. It is also very affordable, which is great for a soon to be broke college student.

On to the next step. I use Vitamin C capsules! I use this product every other day. Don’t be fooled guys, a little goes a long way and these bad boys are potent. This is best if you have dull skin and want to revive it! It evens your skin tone and gives you a nice smooth glow. Not to mention it smells absolutely amazing! The  downside…it costs $28. Plus side…it lasts about two months and it 100% worth it!

On to my third step! After I have done my first two steps or after I have washed my face (depending on the day) I apply Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel by M.A.C. It is the lightest moisturizer I have ever used and it absorbs super fast which I love! I have weird skin. Some spots are super oily, while other spots are completely dried out.This moisturizer completely evened out my skin and hydrates in all the right places. I hate that heavy, weighted down feeling other moisturizers give. Luckily, this one is completely light and leaves my face feeling energized. That might not make sense, but once you use it you will understand.

This last product is also great to use right before you put on your makeup. Just apply, wait a couple minutes. Then apply your primer, then your makeup and you will look absolutely great!

Now on to some other tips. Everyone has those pesky little breakouts or blemishes! I take care of those the old school way, which has never failed me….Toothpaste. Yup! I said it. Toothpaste. Just dab a little onto your problem area and it will dry that sucker out. Also remember lots of water. It isn’t a myth…so drink to healthy skin!


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