College Life










I honestly thought that juggling work and blogging was a tough thing to do…I was dead wrong. Working, going to school AND blogging is a tough thing to do. I have finally carved out some time to do what I love the most. Blog ❤ So far I have been away at school for close to two months now, but it honestly feels like I have spent a lifetime here. So much has happened within such a short period of time that my mind (and body) are still playing catch up.

My life consists of late night study sessions, early morning classes, mid-shifts at work and dorm room madness. It also consists of breakdowns, laughter, cat fights, snide remarks, nonsense, priceless moments, reality changing conversation’s & memorable encounters…& I love every single moment of it. Even the bad!  i wouldn’t change this experience for anything. Whether I want to laugh, cry, scream out of frustration or shout for joy! I take the bad with the good, otherwise I would never learn anything.

I’ve made terrible choices that I have learned from and know never to do again. I’ve met people that I know will be with me for a lifetime and I have had conversations that have altered my perception and me as a person. Things that i have felt to be true my whole life have been stripped away and re-born into something new. Understanding. I love this about college..the connectedness to all things academic, the drunken nights, the hangovers, the late night papers and mile long walks at midnight in the freezing cold. Memories that I cherish already. College life!



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