Spring Semester and New Begginings

So Monday marks the start of my Spring semester at Niagara University and I have vowed to myself to be more organized. This seems to be a promise that every college student makes to themselves, but lets be honest! We usually fall short. I can not tell you how many times I have imagined myself being that good student who would be involved in every club that mattered to me, and would spend countless hours at the library set with my laptop, books, a skinny vanilla latte, and those special nerdy glasses that I convinced myself had magical powers to make me focus.

Lets face it though…That picture of myself flew right out the window as soon as I saw that re-runs of friends was on and there I would be! In my pajamas eating Oreo’s instead of heading to the library like I had planned to write a 12 page paper about the History of Russia. From the sound of it, it seems like my GPA would be in the trash, but luckily I work better under pressure and my grades have always been on point. But not everyone is lucky enough to be able to function that way and then I thought! I could do so much better if I actually planned ahead. We all could.

So like an sorority girl, the first thing I did to set my self n the path t organizational bliss is order myself a customized monogrammed agenda! I always feel like I have a fresh start and like anything can be accomplished when I have a brand new agenda.


 Etsy Customized Agenda 

I ordered this customized agenda Plum Paper Designs off of Etsy (Link found above.) You can customize it to have your name and monogram on the cover in addition to how many pages of notes you would like, number of months and 3 options of how to set up the layout to fit your day to day planning. This was perfect for me with having to juggle work, my internship with Congressman Higgins, my independent study and of course my blogging which I have just started up again after an unannounced hiatus. So as you can see, I can no longer rely on leaving things to the last minute. So I will use this agenda to commit myself to being more organized (jeez that sounded corny). Lets face it though, who does not love a fresh new start and new clean cut planner! I encourage every one to get on this track. A new year a new leaf!


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