Last Hurrah!

The time to leave for school is approaching fast! & I am trying to make the most of it. I am going to miss my new friends dearly and I’m trying to fit as much time together with them as possible. It’s safe to say that between work and hanging out..I have not slept in a very long time!

aaaaand here is my favorite pre-going out song to jam to. Enjoy!!


Wait….What’s this??

…Oh nothing. Just me! Doing my first blog post in what seems like eons. So much has changed since I moved back to New York & I love every minute of it. While living in Florida, I felt stunted. Things weren’t moving fast enough for me, and everything was a hassle!! I can truly say that I love being back home with friends and family…not to mention this winter has been a blessing. I must say that the only thing I was dreading were the horrific winters I remembered from my childhood, but it seems I brought a piece of Florida back with me haha.

So here is a little update on the in’s and out’s of my life. (Broken up into sections for convenience hehe)

WORK: As you know I recently got a job. I can’t believe it’s only been a month!! I feel like I have been working there for years. It is a great learning experience. On the upside, I love helping customers find that perfect piece that they have been looking for, but has managed to elude them for quite sometimes & I love feeling so useful!

On the downside I have realized how mean spirited and down right malicious people can be! It makes me think “Does high school ever end?!” However; I have handled things pretty nicely & things are looking better in that aspect. Now let’s see if it can stay that way.

PERSONAL: My personal life is looking a lot better as well hehe. I have entered a new relationship that I am really happy with :] The only downside is that it is a long distance one :[ I have known him for about 4 years now, so I guess it makes the long distance thing easier…and hard at the same time. It’ complicated, but it’s working out great so far. Gotta love Skype lol

OTHER: Now for my thoughts hehe. With everything that is going on, I have come to realize that I SUCK at managing money. It’s not too bad, because I don’t have any serious bills, but I feel this is a habit I should nip in the bud early. Luckily I found a website that helps me do this!! It’s called and it basically tracks all of your spending and tells you what you need to do to get on track. It has pie charts and everything!! You can even set budgets and goals for yourself and it tells you how much you need to put away for each goal based on your income and spending habits. It truly is great :] On the downside, this site is making me realize that my iPhone purchase will have to wait. It’s more of a want, than a need. What I need is sturdy shoes, because being on my feet all day from work is killing me. I’m thinking a new pair of TOMS is in order…maybe two :] Whatever the case, I am definitely getting these Burlap Women’s Bimini Stitchouts How effing adorable are these!?!?!

 Ohhh…before I leave you to enjoy your day, here is the soundtrack I listened to while writing this post :] ENJOY!!!

Ladies got something to say. from toomuchcoffee on 8tracks.

More about me

I have come to realize that I really don’t incorporate myself into my own blog. Which I feel is a major mistake. I want all of my readers to get to know more about me. The real me. So here are some details about me that you may not know.

 I am a 19 year old girl  going through a lot of changes. I have always been sheltered as a kid/teenager. I was never the one to have 10 best friends at the same time. I was the one who was friendly to everyone, but had one best friend. I wasn’t the girl who was boy crazy, and would chase a guy around, making my life miserable, knowing full well that he had no interest in me. I was the one who was focused on school. I wasn’t the one to go out and hang with my friends at the mall or parties. I was the one who would much rather stay at home reading a book, watching black and white films, or just be with my family.

People would say that I was very avoident social as well as an introvert, but I say that I was always more family oriented as well as focused on my goals. My mom having me at a really young age , showed me where my focus in life should rally be. Being the way that I was had a lot of pros as well as a lot of cons. Pros being that I never really had a lot of drama in my life, and I had really good grades as well as a strong relationship with my family. As opposed to some people I knew who really hated their family. I’m not talking “oh my parents wont let me do anything..I hate them so much.” I’m talking about people who would actually tell their parents that they should just go kill themselves, because they didn’t want them around. I grew up with a lot of respect for everyone in my family, and therefore was very family oriented.

 Anyways…kind of getting off topic here….The people who  I was really close to, were dependable and all around good friends. The cons, however, of being how I was were that I now have no social skills. I don’t know how to act around guys that like me ( I always give off the friend vibe, or the I’m not interested vibe that I can’t help but give off) I have no life experience! None, Zip, Ziltch. I’m going to be 20 years old in Sepetember…That is 6 months away. One thing I want to do is make a major change in my life. I’m not talking about going balls out crazy with partying it up, and making destructive choices. I’m talking about getting out there. Meet new people, be more social, become more independent, find myself. I basically have to grow up.

 So I have made a vow to find myself. Think Eat Pray Love without all the traveling, divorce, and hot spanish guy. I want my 20’s to be a time that I look back on with fondness. Being in my teens has been pretty much uneventful. This is something that I really want to do. I want to be more social, I want to learn how to not  give off the vibe that I am a bitch who has no interest in talking to you. (I have been said to give off that vibe as well -.-) I want to make long-lasting connections with people who will change my life for the better. I know along the road I will meet some people who will probably be not to good friends, but that is part of growing up. I believe that you learn a lesson from every person that you meet. Wether that person is good or bad, you always learn something. That is what I need to do….Learn!


I also vow to make myself more personally present in my blog. I think it would be great for all of you to follow me through my journey, and get to know all of me. The present me, the changing me, and the future me.

To end this post here are some pictures of me, my adorable baby sister, and my grandfather. He came to visit the family this past week. We had an amazing time, and I can’t wait to see him again.


PS. Please excuse the way I look. We were walking all around downtown Disney, and it was really hot. I normally don’t like a wax doll. hahaha=p