A note to those who second guess me.

I’m not a writer.


I’ve wanted to be a writer my whole life up until the 10th grade, when a teacher of mine told me that I write like George Bush talks. So I am not a writer. But I write anyways..even when I have nothing to say. I lost my voice this past year. Not literally of course, but metaphorically. I failed to stand my ground and let people use me and accepted the position of being the second choice in people’s lives when I should have been the first. I need my voice back…I demand my voice back.

I’ve had enough of being second best…I’ve had enough of people telling me that I’m not good enough in the things I pursue. I’m tired of people telling me that I am not good enough to be their first choice. I’m tired of accepting it. So I am not going to accept the position of second best anymore. I’m not going to listen to the negativity and I am going to keep writing.  may not be the the prettiest, the smartest, the most eloquent or the most gifted writer. But I am pretty, I am smart, I am eloquent and I AM a writer. I may not be the most or best in any of these things, but I am still ALL of these things.


Happy New Year.


First day of 2012

If you would have told me that I would be ringing in the New year back home in New York (WITH NO SNOW) I would have said that’s bullshit! This year hasn’t been at all what I have expected. I feel that this year has just been one long road of trials and tribulations that is somehow leading me to something bigger and better. 2012 is my year. I can feel it in my bones and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.

Now, every year I make a list of my resolutions & by the end of the year my list ends up looking like this one!


So I’m not making any resolutions this year. I’m just going to take everything one day at a time & take advantage of any and every opportunity that comes my way. However; I will tell you what I hope to come of this year. I hope to become a more independent women. Most of the time I feel like a Women/Child. I have the intelligence and sophistication of a women, but the face/body/voice of a child and because of that a lot of people don’t take me seriously. Even my family to an extent. It can be frustrating at times, but I hope that this year I will be able to break out of that and show people that I am capable of  making my own decisions and that I don’t need to be protected 24/7.

I also hope to re-connect with old friends and connect with new ones.

What are your hopes for the coming year??