Guest Post: Stephanie of The Loudemouth Lifestyle!

Oh hi! My name is also Stephanie, and I blog at The Loudmouth Lifestyle. I’m so excited to talk about my favorite season with you… FALL! Well, let’s back up a bit. It’s not my favorite season anymore. You see, I live in LA, which doesn’t normally have the fun changing leaves that autumn should bring. I used to live in Michigan, where I got to experience the blustery weather firsthand! I’m not complaining — I mean, I love having summer weather almost constantly — but I do miss autumn.

Now that I can’t play in crunchy piles of leaves, I need to find other ways to celebrate fall. And for that reason, I plan to dress in a color palette that represents the changing colors of leaves in the Midwest! Here a few ideas for you (and me)…

Red, yellow and green are the perfect autumn hues. I chose items from my favorite stores: Ann Taylor, Modcloth & Target! What are your favorite fall colors? What will you be wearing this season? Us Stephanies would love to know. 🙂